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Thank You Tim McRae

Tim McRae has been on our Board since 2018, and this year he stepped down while serving as Board President. We thank Tim for all his hard work and efforts with KCCB.


Originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan, Tim double majored in Political Science and English at Georgetown University in Washington D.C.  “Although we didn't call it that; we called it ‘Government’ because we were in DC and ‘there is no science in it, it's government.’” He moved to California following his parents, who moved while he was still in college. “I thought; ‘How bad can California be?’”

Tim has lived in many places around Northern California, but he came to San Jose to work with the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, a business nonprofit where he continues to work.

“I've enjoyed getting to know the community in multiple ways, one of which is being on the board. I bought a condo to be close to the creek, and I’ve been able to be a part of the community through my work. The board service has made me a very active member, something I'm very happy about.”

He joined after having met Deb, who approached him. "I knew Deb by reputation; she had a wonderful reputation as someone who had founded this organization on her own… I am very happy I have joined.”

Tim says he has enjoyed helping the organization grow. “Being a part of KCCB has given me more ties to the city, and I've been able to network with people politically and volunteer-wise.”

His favorite events are our painting events. “I love painting the mural on the restroom side in Hellyer Park. I felt it was a nice contribution to the community.”

In the past he has lived in Costa Rica, teaching English as a foreign language, and was a Reading Partner with students at local schools in San Jose for about 7 years. He was paired up with kids who struggled with reading, and helped once a week. 

Outside of work and KCCB, Tim loves going hiking on trails near and far. “I've hiked in California and around the world. And I'm part of a Brazilian samba style bateria, a percussion troupe that plays Brazilian samba songs!”

“KCCB is a wonderful organization, I hope to watch it as it continues to grow. I hope to continue to participate in cleanups and murals in the future and maintain a friendship with the organization and the people who work there.”


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