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Shelley, the Excellent Ecologist Expert!

If we were to name someone that we know with the widest field of knowledge in the world of ecology, we’d say it’s Shelley Pneh, the treasurer and youngest member of our board.

Shelley is a San Jose native who has always been passionate for ecology. She received her B.S. in Molecular Environmental Biology at UC Berkeley in 2014 and has immersed herself into the field since then.

Shelley Pneh, current treasurer for KCCB

For the past three years, Shelley has been serving as the treasurer for Keep Coyote Creek Beautiful. She was recruited by a board member when they learned that her experience and insight was out of this world. KCCB just knew that they had to have her on the team.

So, back in 2018, when the position was offered to her, she said yes! Because of Shelley's knowledgeable excellence in the environmental field, she believed that she would be able to bring new visionary insight to this organization.

There are many things that our current treasurer loves about the creek, but her most favorite things is the wide variety of natural diversity, many recreational opportunities for the community, and that she gets to see the interesting aquatic invertebrates within the river’s waters. In fact, Coyote Creek is where she was able to see her very first polychaete worm!

Besides serving as the treasurer for KCCB, Shelley also works full-time as an ecologist and Project Lead for Grassroots Ecology, as well as a part-time position at UC Berkeley as a Biological Lab and Field Technician.

Unfortunately, there just isn’t enough time in a week to be able to dedicate a fair amount of work to each of Shelley’s responsibilities. At the end of this year, Shelley will step down from her position as treasurer.

“Juggling two jobs and volunteering on the board has definitely been a wonderful experience but also a challenge. There is just not enough time in a week to dedicate to all those responsibilities. I love all aspects of my work, but there are times where I just need a siesta." - Shelley Pneh

Keep Coyote Creek Beautiful couldn't thank Shelley enough for her tremendous work and cognizance in her specialty. We wish her well on her future endeavors!


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