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Our Mission and Vision

Our vision is that Coyote Creek is a resilient ecosystem for all living things to enjoy.

Our mission is is to Engage, Educate and Encourage – Bringing communities together to take action for, learn about and play along a healthy Coyote Creek.

Keep Coyote Creek Beautiful works with community groups, public agencies, and students to restore Coyote Creek through cleanups, plantings, recreational and cultural activities, and educational partnerships.

Deb Kramer, Sandra Murillo, Bruce Victor

Our Statement About Diversity and Inclusion

We stand in solidarity with our community speaking out for racial and social justice. In that capacity, we pledge to expand our efforts towards the inclusion of communities of color to share our efforts to help Coyote Creek remain vibrant and open for everyone to enjoy. To do so, we seek to ensure healthy open spaces along our creeks by providing opportunities for anyone, regardless of income, race, or gender to learn about and explore nature.

Our Statement Creek Health and Homelessness

The need for a healthy watershed along the Coyote Creek corridor is vital in a growing urban area like the Silicon Valley. All are welcome to participate in our mission to have a healthy creek.

Keep Coyote Creek Beautiful recognizes the impact of our unhoused community along the creeks. Keep Coyote Creek Beautiful is ready to listen and is participating with organizations pursuing cooperative solutions to the homeless crisis.

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