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Virtual Hikes

With the current stay-at-home orders, Saved By Nature approached us to sponsor interactive virtual walks along Coyote Creek. These educational walks take us through a large part of the creek, including Anderson Dam, Hellyer Park, and Kelley Park. They are a community partnership with Saved By Nature and Virtual Photo Walks with guest docents from, neighbors, and other naturalists. Santa Clara County Parks and City of San Jose Parks are co-sponsors, and these events are from a generous grant.


Saved By Nature's purpose is to provide environmental education for everyone. To build partnerships that inspire inclusion and equitable access to the outdoors for mental and physical healing.

Virtual Photo Walks' mission is to enable those who are immobilized by disability, illness or age to escape their isolation and re-engage with society virtually.


How to View the Hikes

Keep Coyote Creek Beautiful started sponsoring these events in April 2020. 

Schedule and Videos

Below are links to the videos.

4/10/20 - Insect Walk at Cottonwood Lake [video]

4/17/20 - Insect Walk at Coyote Creek Visitor Center [video]

4/24/20 - Shady Oaks Park Nature Tour [video]

5/1/20 - Exploring Nature at Almaden Quicksilver County Park [video]

5/8/20 - Discover What Lives Long and Prospers in Hellyer Park [video]

5/15/20 - A Creek's Culture and Nature at Kelley Park [video]

5/22/20 - Where Coyote Creek Meets Ogier Ponds [video]

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