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What is a BioBlitz

Along our creeks and in our parks live a huge variety of wildlife, from water bugs to birds, snakes to elk. We look for all of them at a BioBlitz. Essentially, we play PokeMan, but we seek out nature. iNaturalist, a mobile phone app, is the tool that we use to record our observations and share them with scientists. Also, on the iNaturalist website, you can search for and learn more about nature around the world.

See what we've found in the South Bay, along with other events conducted by our partner

lady beetles.JPG

How to Get Involved

Keep Coyote Creek Beautiful hosts monthly BioBlitz events, mostly in parks along Coyote Creek, but also a few other places. Anyone of any age can participate. Sign up on Eventbrite to join in the fun. And, if you are a Naturalist, join in too!

Download the iNaturalist app on your mobile, create a username, and practice using it in your neighborhood park. 

In this video, Deb Kramer discusses the benefits of participating in a BioBlitz and how you can become a part of the worldwide movement to document all things nature.

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