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Coyote Creek Watershed Tours

Coyote Creek is an amazing place to see wildlife, learn about nature, and explore the many hillsides, creeks, and trails. These virtual tours allow you to explore the areas through the eyes of people who care a lot about nature and this special watershed.

After watching a video, join us for a cleanup, nature walk, backpacking trip, or BioBlitz via our Events page.

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Coyote Creek Watershed Tour Videos

3/3/21 Birds of the Bay [Link]

3/17/21 Verdant Coyote Valley [Link]

4/6/21 What's at the Headwaters? [Link]

4/24/21 Exploring Hellyer County Park [Link]

5/1/21 Urban Wildlife and Appreciation [Link]

6/2/21 Creeks Are For All [Link]

3/16/22 Alum Rock Park's Hidden Treasures [Link]

6/29/22 Spreadwing Seep [Link]

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