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KCCB Welcomes New Board Member

Meet Clinton Pickering. Clinton is the newest addition to Keep Coyote Creek Beautiful's board of directors and has had a long history of using the creek!

Clinton has been a resident at San Jose since 1981. He graduated San Jose State University with a BS in Corporate Financial Management and currently works for Heritage Bank of Commerce as a banker and Certified Public Accountant.

Clinton and his son enjoyed seeing the animals at the Shady Oaks BioBlitz

For 18 years now, Clinton has been using the Coyote Creek trail for all sorts of activity, such as taking his son and dog on a walk, training for triathlons, and going for his daily run! So far, this new board member has been to a handful of BioBlitzes with his son and his son loves them!

Because he has been utilizing the trail so often, Clinton thought it was a great idea to give back. When the opportunity to become a board member popped up in September, he decided to join!

"When I saw this opening on our company's intranet, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to help out nature," Clinton said.

Clinton calls Coyote Creek an "urban paradise." Let's give a friendly welcome to our newest board member. Welcome Clinton!


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