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Help Save the Newts!

Why did the newt cross the road? To breed! During rainy season, they make an annual migration from woodland habitat to breeding sites.

We need your help to save the newts near Lexington Reservoir. They have been killed by cars by the thousands each year...literally 5,000. You can learn more from the Newt Patrol, who has documented over 15,000 dead newts in the past 4 years.

Based on a research study of newt mortality on Alma Bridge Road, the modeled population extinction curve for the newts of the Lexington Reservoir area shows that local extinction is predicted in about 50 years, but the decimation of the population to a small fraction of its 2020 -2021 numbers can be expected to happen within about 15 years (see graph). This level of roadkill in conjunction with climate change highlights the importance of quick solutions to help the newts avoid local extinction.

How you can help

Submit a public comment or attend the Midpen Regional Open Space Authority December 8th online meeting at 7PM.

UPDATE: Over 100 comments were submitted to this meeting, and mitigation efforts will be prioritized. See blog from BioBlitz Club for more information.

A. Submit a comment to the Midpen Regional Open Space Authority by filling in this form (see directions below): This will allow your comments to be read into the record. You can reference our suggested talking points/script below.

How to fill the form:

  1. Select Meeting Date from the scroll down menu: “December 8: Board Of Directors”

  2. Answer "Is this a comment about a specific board item?" as “No”

    1. Subject: “Informational Memoranda

    2. Please check one: "Neutral"

  3. Answer "Where did you hear about this meeting?"

    1. Choose one of the following that apply: “Other”

    2. Enter “Keep Coyote Creek Beautiful, Newt Patrol,, Audubon Society”.

  4. Enter your name and city of residence

  5. Enter your email

  6. Comment Type:

    1. Please choose “Read into the record by the clerk during the board meeting

    2. A window will open for you to submit up to 250 words

    3. You can utilize some of the talking points below for verbal or written comments.

B. Attend the meeting on December 8 at 7PM via Zoom

Sample Talking Points

Talking points for verbal or written comments. Please use your own words.

  • A few words about yourself and why you care

  • I am writing to highlight the plight of the pacific newts and thank Midpen for working to help these helpless creatures. The high levels of mortality on Alma Bridge Road, exacerbated by climate change, can soon drive our newt population to local extinction. I ask you, Midpen Board of Directors, to prioritize, budget, and continue working to implement solutions that will save the newts in the Lexington Reservoir area. We have no time to lose.

Keep Up with the Newt Patrol

You can learn more about the newts at Lexington Reservoir by following the Newt Patrol page via Also, they are featured on Instagram #LexNewtPatrol .


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