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The Early Bird...

We hosted our first BioBlitz of 2021 in an unusual fashion. It was self-guided! Usually, we have a group of docents who take a group of explorers to check out nature around a park. During that time, they are making observations of what they're seeing while learning about connections in the natural world; bugs and plant; birds and aquatic bugs; slime mold and logs; fungus and slender salamanders.

Since our explorers were flying solo this time, Merav Vonshak created a pamphlet and video to help new explorers learn how to use the iNaturalist app and what to look for in the park. Here are a few examples.

One participant exclaimed:

"I had a wonderful experience volunteering at the BioBlitz event! The park was beautiful, and there were many fun trails to explore. There was lots of gorgeous wildlife to observe and document. My favorite being the many duck species I saw as soon as I got to the park. I enjoyed observing animals in their natural habitat and being able to document the wildlife I saw around me. Overall, it was a really enjoyable experience, and I look forward to future BioBlitz events!" said Megan Leiker.

Below are two photos of ducks that Megan saw. The American coot sits on a rock on the left while a male mallard bobs in the lake.

Learn more about what we saw that day on the iNaturalist Hellyer Park project page. You can also see what you can find in Hellyer Park via its iNaturalist location. We hope to see you at one soon.


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