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Step by Step, Branch by Branch

On the morning of January 11th, 2020 a small but mighty group of volunteers from both the Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority (OSA) and Keep Coyote Creek Beautiful (KCCB) took the first steps in restoring a natural space unique to the South Bay Area. They, through their diligent efforts, raked leaves, picked up litter and chipped piles upon piles of branches. This stewardship day ushered in a new and exciting chapter in the story of the North Coyote Valley (NCV).

Volunteers move large branches to chipper at North Coyote Valley Stewardship Day Event.

Historically, North Coyote Valley consisted of sweeping wetlands, oak savannas and vast flood plains. Its recent past has been rife with expanding agriculture, commercial and residential building projects. Through this changing of property owners, NCV was left significantly altered. Only ten percent of the original wetlands remain as most of it was drained and re-purposed.

Amazing views and a big sky are only a of the things NCV has to offer

Recently acquired through a collaboration between the Santa Clara Valley OSA, Peninsula Open Space Trust and the City of San Jose, NCV is now protected indefinitely. These agencies recognized that NCV offers amazing benefits to humans and wildlife alike. As quoted by the OSA:

Protection of the North Coyote Valley is a key link in connecting wildlife habitats, providing opportunities to restore natural floodplains and improve water quality, and helping to build a climate resilient future for the residents of the 10th largest city in the nation.

Colter Cook of KCCB checking in eager volunteers

Though it is protected it still needs help. NCV is still in the infancy of its restoration. In partnership with the OSA, KCCB has joined in the efforts of protecting this natural wonder. Through a series of stewardship days we hope to herald a new era of conservation in the NCV. Even if it is step by step, or more appropriately, branch by branch.

If you would like to help, please see these OSA events:

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