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North Coyote Valley Receives Protection via Purchase

In November 6, 2019, the Open Space Authority of Santa Clara Valley, Peninsula Open Space Trust, and the City of San Jose entered into an agreement to purchase 937 acres of land to preserve a section of Coyote Valley from development. This land provides a linkage for wildlife between the Santa Cruz Mountains and the Diablo range through the largest watershed in the south Bay Area. This purchase also allows for "ecosystem services" (e.g., what nature can provide) that include floodplains, local water supply, wildlife connectivity, agriculture, recreation, and more.

This amazing effort came about in part because of overwhelming support of San Jose's Measure T, which passed on November 2018, included public safety support and $50,000 in land conservation acquisition in Coyote Valley.

See more about why this region is so important through this video.


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