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Coastal Cleanup Day at Coyote Meadows

Coastal Cleanup Day Brings a Large Crowd

By Deb Kramer

Every third Saturday of September is Coastal Cleanup Day. It is a banner day for the waters of the world as thousands of people come out to cleanup our oceans, beaches, rivers, and lakes.

This year, the County of Santa Clara was host to 50 sites. Together, nearly 2000 people participated to remove nearly 25 tons of trash! That is a terrific result. See more with the Creek Connections Action Group.

Tools, boys, and a tire. Photo by Mary Yan.

Our site was Coyote Meadows, the former Jungle. Although homeless people were evicted in December 2014, plenty of trash still remained. Our 160 volunteers collected over 2 tons of material, including:

  • 180 Bags of trash

  • 3 Tires

  • 4 Shopping carts

  • 1 BBQ

  • Entire wardrobe

  • Computer motherboard

  • Hundreds of feet of conduit coverings

We had scouts, fraternity members, clubs, and lots of individuals come out and make a difference. Myron commented that he enjoyed “getting out of the urban and into the wilderness.”

Crabby art. Photo by Mary Yan.

We even had some “art” to contend with. Sadly, these little guys had to come down. See more photos on our Facebook page.

Interact Club member Andy said that “people throw some crazy stuff away.” How true with the BBQ we removed. Photo by Mary Yan.

The cleanups continue to be a great way for people come together to participate in helping their community and environment be a healthier and better place for all.

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