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Coyote Creek Team Leaders We Salute You!

When taking on the monumental task of keeping an entire watershed beautiful, it is only natural to need help. Who better to answer the call then our spectacular volunteers. Without their help, our work would be nearly impossible. Volunteers work tirelessly to make the world a better place and secure a brighter future for those who come after. However, this cooperation does not always happen naturally.

Though all volunteer’s efforts are appreciated, there are a select few who rise to the top. Individuals who time and time again show their passion, their reliability, their enthusiasm, their determination, and their kindness. These volunteers that shine brightly, are called Coyote Creek Team Leaders. If you attend our events you’ll see them in their orange vests, rallying other volunteers, keeping them safe and helping others appreciate the wonder that is Coyote Creek.

To show our appreciation we would like to highlight some of our Team Leaders and share what makes them special.

Bruce (left) and Alie (right) Victorine in Hellyer Park
Bruce (left) and Alie (right) Victorine in Hellyer Park

Bruce & Alie Victorine

Bird enthusiasts, park adopters, and cornerstones of their community, Alie and Bruce still find time to lead groups of volunteers. Between checking bird boxes at Hellyer County Park, being a part of Coyote Meadows Project, sitting on committees and lending a hand with their grandkids, they share their passion for wildlife to the people of the South Bay. They go as far as to say “Hellyer Park is our big backyard; say hello if you see us on the trail.”

Karan Gathani (right) showing event participants a cool bug
Karan Gathani (right) showing participants a cool bug.

Karan Gathani

If you’ve attended any of our events you’ve likely met Karan Gathani. He has attended nearly every event we have put on for the last several years. The incredible thing is that he also volunteers for several other nature-based organizations on a regular basis as well (e.g. San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory, and Wildlife Center for Silicon Valley). We’ve grown so accustomed to his reliability and witty humor that some events without him don’t seem complete! Beyond that he is always willing and eager to share interesting facts about nature. Check out his blog page HERE.

Ram leads a team

Ram Mohan

When it comes to cleanups, you would be hard pressed to find someone more fired up about picking up litter. Ram is a fairly new addition to our team, but he’s already made an impact. His enthusiasm is inspires to work harder and achieve things thought to be impossible. You can find out more about Ram in his blog HERE.

Ankan with his unusual creek cleanup finds.
Ankan with his unusual creek cleanup finds.

Ankan Dutta

When Ankan was first attending our events we noticed that he was hard-working and responsible. As we got to know him more, his personally shone and we knew he would be a great team leader. Every event you can find him on the front-line leading the charge on a half-buried shopping cart or deep in the weeds trying to get the litter hidden within. And, when we had the Hellyer Park Mural Paint Day, he was there the whole day!

Efren at a BioBlitz

Efren Ibarreta

Like many of our team leaders, we noticed Efren because he attended so many of our events, not just cleanups. As a team leader, he shows his kindness and patience with volunteers. His personality makes him approachable and a joy to be around. He is proof that you don’t have to be loud to be an excellent leader.

Though these team leader are highlighted here, through the years we have had many amazing people as part of our team. So to all of you past, present and future team leaders:

We appreciate you more than you know! Thank you all for bringing your unique personalities to the role of Team Leader. Your efforts have truly Kept Coyote Creek Beautiful.

To those who are not Coyote Creek Team Leaders, you are always welcome to try out! If this blog has inspired you to that end, please email Colter Cook at for more information.


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