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Ode to the Creek Ambassador

Moving mountains, creating bonds, and making the world a kinder place are just a few of the things that volunteers undertake. We may not always recognize it, but volunteers have changed the world as we know it. Most amazingly, they don’t do it for their own gain but for the benefit of others. Offering the time they don’t necessarily have to enrich the things they care about most. This is certainly true among the volunteers of Keep Coyote Creek Beautiful. Chief among them are the Creek Ambassadors.

Going above and beyond the call of duty, the Creek Ambassadors have become the cornerstones of KCCB’s events. Each Ambassador has exhibited a genuine devotion to tackle the issues facing Coyote Creek. More than just guiding volunteers on Clean Ups and BioBlitzes, the Ambassadors advocate for the creek in ways that are meaningful to them. They speak for the creek has no tongue. Beyond the effort they put into the events, they educate the people of San Jose and the world regarding the importance of nature.

Ode to the Creek Ambassador

Gratitude to you Creek Ambassadors,

We give thanks to your tenacious effort,

Tireless aid to the things you care for,

If only bit by bit

Your actions, your words,

Brightening and sharpening a world,

Otherwise dim and dull

Gratitude to you Creek Ambassadors.

We offer a special thanks for the following Creek Ambassadors for their tremendous effort over this last year:

  • Alie Victorine & Bruce Victorine for their help with clean ups, their seasonal wildlife walks and leading Kelley Park Sunset Walk groups!

  • Karan Gathani for attending and helping with nearly all of our events!

  • Merav Vonshak for leading and coordinating our amazing BioBlitz events!

  • Thank you to all the other ambassadors as well!

  • Also thank you to all of the event volunteers! You do make a difference in each way you interact with Coyote Creek.

Above: Creek Ambassadors in Action

Your Call To Action

The New Year is upon us! If you need a resolution consider "Volunteering".

Although these Ambassadors seem like super heroes, they all had to start somewhere. So we encourage you to go and volunteer with an organization that fits matches your passion. Often times the best way to help yourself is to help others first! If you need a place to start Keep Coyote Creek Beautiful is happy to get you started on the right foot!

See for yourself how a little effort can make a huge difference!

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