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January Successes

By Samie Malakiman

One month into 2018 and KCCB has seen a record number of attendees participating at

events. A January 20th creek cleanup at the Tully Ballfields had 120 volunteers who collected 2.7 tons of trash. The Explore Coyote Creek: Edge of the Bay walk brought 38 attendees together to walk along Mallard Slough at Don Edwards Refuge Education Center to learn about bugs, birds, plants, and new projects along the south Bay.

But the success of our events relies on our volunteers, and we are grateful to everyone that comes to support our creeks. A shout out to our partners Downtown Streets Team, The TrashPunx, and Yerba Buena High School Green Club for coming to the cleanup at the Tully Ballfields. Our host at the Edge of the Bay walk was the Living Wetlands’ Colter Cook, who arranged for David Thomson from San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory, and USGS biologists Stacy Moskal and Allison Flanagan to lead the tour at our Edge of the Bay event.

During our January cleanup, one person noticed a hummingbird’s nest. How fortunate we are to have such fragile beauty along our creek.

Our continued collaboration with Santa Clara County Parks for the Weeding Parties continues to be a success. We are nearly one year into the partnership event, and we’ve had nearly 100 people help out their local park.

We are looking forward many more events this spring, include a Coyote Creek cleanup on February 17th at Watson Park, and a wildlife and bird walk at Hellyer Park on February 18th.

Finally, we’ve planned more events this year than any prior year prior including kayaking, BioBlitz events, and a backpacking trip. Be sure to sign up for them. You can find all the events listed on our home page.

So we’ll be more active on social media, posting new pictures and videos from all our adventures. If you haven’t already, please follow us online @CoyoteCreekSJ!



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