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Ales for Fish Tails

Well, it is that time of year when our migratory fish come in from the ocean and spawn in local creeks. Coyote Creek historically has had a steelhead trout fish population, but due to many factors, including pollution and fish barriers, it has pretty much disappeared. However, we hope to restore Coyote Creek to the health that it needs so these anadromous fish can return.

In the meantime, New Seasons Market has partnered with Speak Easy Ales and Lagers in San Francisco to celebrate New Leaf's 35th anniversary with a limited-edition beer! New Leaf is the parent company of New Seasons Market in San Jose, and for every 6-pack sold from the New Seasons Evergreen location, we will receive $1.00. Please give this beer a try and tell your friends to try it, too. Help support your local market and local brewery.


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