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7 Ways To Becoming a Better Human to Mother Earth

Co-authors: Mary Jimenez-Floyd and Shanon Jurado

Did you know that we are closely on our way out to a point of irreversible climate change?

Two KCCB participants strike a pose after a proud day of cleaning up Mother Nature.

While that may sound scary, there are still ways that each individual, starting with you, can help slow down the destruction of our planet, Earth.

In 2022, Earth Day will be all about investing in our planet. There are many ways that one can invest in the planet. With help from our very own Executive Director, Deb Kramer, you can learn how to become a more sustainable human who invests their love into Mother Nature!

Here are a few ways you can invest in your planet:

1. Conserve water

“We are in a drought, so right now to help our river [Coyote Creek] is to save water, so that there is more water that can go into the rivers and help our wildlife,” said Deb Kramer, the founder of Keep Coyote Creek Beautiful.

Some ways you can easily save water at home are:

  • fix leaks in your house

  • install water-saving shower heads or flow restrictors

  • recycle water from inside your home to irrigate your gardens

2. Pick up trash, even if it’s not yours

“Another thing is just keeping our own area clean,” said Kramer, such as, “keeping our house clean, in front of our street, and picking up around our schools.”

3. Choose eco-friendly means of transportation

“Use public transit or ride your bike instead of a gasoline powered car,” Kramer said. You can also go on a stroll, or ride a bike, or carpool instead of taking the bus. Choosing other modes of transportation is environmentally friendly, and a great way to also save money on gasoline and stay active.

4. Rethink your use of plastic

“So when you go to the store, instead of using plastic bags to corral your fruit, maybe use a mesh bag,” said Kramer. “Instead of getting a paper bag at the grocery store, bring your own.” A plastic bag may not seem like a lot, but it can take a thousand years for a plastic bag to break into smaller pieces in a landfill. Plastic bags don’t completely breakdown and will eventually photo-degrade into microplastics. Microplastics absorb toxins and continue to pollute the environment as well, into the ocean and our food supply.

5. Grow your own produce

“You can grow your own food too, it's an easy thing to do,” Kramer said. “Just get a pot and put some lettuce in there, and you can go out and have a fresh salad anytime you want.” Starting a garden can be an investment of time and money, but it will eventually save you money and a trip to the grocery store.

6. Recycle or upcycle your unwanted clothes

Kramer said “there's lots of great clothing people are giving up in order to get their new clothes, so why not get some of the great stuff that’s already out there” by stopping at a local thrift store. Another thing you can do is donate clothes you no longer want, or repurpose clothes that are damaged or stained instead of throwing them away.

7. Appreciate everything that Earth has to offer

“So when you get out and appreciate [nature], listen to the birds, and see the gophers, and the squirrels running around, just taking in and appreciating it will help people feel like they are in tune with nature more and then want to take care of it,” exclaimed Kramer. There are plenty of places we can go to appreciate nature, like going on a walk around your neighborhood, or going to a nearby park are some easy ways to start.

“I know these are things that people have been hearing or trying for a while, but getting into the habit makes a difference,” said Kramer.

To hit it out of the ballpark, join us for our big Earth Day cleanup event on Saturday, April 23! Register here.


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