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Working Together on Coastal Cleanup Day

By Deb Kramer

The third Saturday in September is a huge event for the world when millions of people come together to participate in Coastal Cleanup Day. Although Coyote Creek is not along the California Coast, our efforts to remove debris from the creek do impact the health of the coast.

So, on September 15th this year, nearly 100 people came to Coyote Meadows to remove about 6.75 tons of trash including 279 very full bags, shopping carts, wood, and other heavy trash. We co-hosted the event with The Trash Punx.  Mayor Sam Liccardo joined us, as did two teams from Downtown Streets Team. We had lots of high school students and many others who care about, and helped remove trash from Coyote Creek.

We did hear plenty of birds, and see the leaves changing color along with a cool morning, all indicative of fall.

Thanks to all who worked on the event, and for spending three hours of your Saturday morning making this small section of Coyote Creek a lot cleaner.



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