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The Family that Birds Together...

Written by Colter Cook

Birders young and old gathered on the brisk yet sunny morning of December 2nd for a special walk along the Coyote Creek trail in Milpitas to discover more about the birds in their area. The event involved seasoned, intermediate and even new birdwatchers. Co-host Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society graciously provided binoculars and their bird-expertise. The presence of the various skill levels resulted in a wonderful sharing of knowledge and enthusiasm.

CCT at Milpitas
Trailhead at McCarthy Road, Photo by Colter Cook

Once set up with the proper gear, which included binoculars, and mobile apps such as eBird and iNaturalist, participants were encouraged to scour the landscape through their lenses (binoculars, scopes, cameras, and smartphones) to find and identify different species of birds. Guides from Keep Coyote Creek Beautiful and the Audubon Society would stop often to point out birds of interest. Some of the interesting birds we saw: White-Crowned Sparrows, Black Phoebes, American Robins, Red-Tailed Hawks, & a Merlin!

Many participants (even some of the guides) admitted that they had never explored this section of the Coyote creek trail. Our hope is that everyone who went on the hike has a little more appreciation, for not only birds, but the creek on which they depend as well.


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