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Spring BioBlitz at Coyote Meadows

By Deb Kramer

On a cool, damp morning in April, nearly 100 people gathered for the second BioBlitz event at Coyote Meadows. We gathered 10-15 citizen scientists who were grouped with 1-2 experts in various fields: plants, bugs, birds, animals. Over the course of two hours, people wandered the area looking for things to record.

Over 700 observations were made and 130 species identified. These families and other interested people not only learned about the natural world around them, the contributed to the growing knowledge of this special place. The more we know about Coytoe Meadows’ species diversity, the more we can advocate for its use as a natural park.

For more information about our efforts, you can visit our project page at iNaturalist. And, the weekend of April 27-April 30, 2018 was the international City Nature Challenge, and the San Francisco Bay Area was the winner of the 69 participating cities! Now that is something to howl about.


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