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Sanctioned Homeless Encampments Possible

By Deb Kramer

On December 8th, the City of San Jose had a lively discussion at a City Council meeting about the state of homelessness in the City and some temporary, medium-term, and long-term solutions. How is this related to creeks? Well, at least 1000 people are known to live along our South Bay creeks. And, they deserve better housing and care.

Item 4.1 – Inclement Weather Response for Vulnerable Populations suggested 4 locations for overnight warming facilities, which are now in operation. Additionally, 4 spiritual centers are running the pilot temporary church shelter program.

In an article “San Jose and county look for nonprofit to run legal encampment” by the San Jose Mercury News(1/2/16), the City of San Jose and Santa Clara County are investigating establishing legal homeless encampments. This temporary solution is not to supercede the need to develop permanent housing for the city’s homeless. However, a supervised encampment would provide space with security, sanitation and connections to case workers. The location of the future encampment has not been determined.



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