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Reflection on an Amazing Accomplishment

On October 17, it was a wonderful Saturday morning. Over 220 volunteers came out to our Coyote Creek cleanup event; however, that was not the only reason why it was a great morning. Having walked that section of the creek a few days earlier, we knew that a lot of work need to be done. It was exciting to see so many people stand ready to help improve the creek. At first, we anticipated to clean out about 3-4 tons, which is a significant number if you think about it.

During the 10-ton cleanup day. Photo by Sarat Lue.

When is all said and done, the amount of trash we removed was much higher than we could have imagined. Can you imagine what 10 tons of stuff looks like? How much space all of that garbage would occupy? Believe me, we were blown away by the results and excited at the same time.

Even though it was an excellent achievement for us, it is terrible at the same time. If you think about it, there shouldn’t be that much trash in our creek! While we celebrate our accomplishment, we have to keep in mind that even though we won a battle, the war is far from over.

During the Cleanup

After the cleanup


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