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Our Active Volunteer

Our Special Volunteer

by Sarat Lue

Today, I want to take the opportunity to honor Mr. Tom Selbach. I met him at my first cleanup event. Even though he was not a part of my small group, I had the chance to catch up with him toward the end of the event. As we were wrapping up our event, I swept the area and noticed that Tom was still working on the creekside. I told him that we are finishing up and everyone is meeting up at the top. His response to me was “We can’t be done, there is still plenty of trash to be removed.”

Tom is a passionate, hard worker, and very active with helping out the environment. From Coyote Creek, to Guadalupe River, to Los Gatos Creek, he has been there to make a difference. His dedication is second to none. It truly is an honor for me to work with him to restore our creeks.

Come out to our events and you will get to meet such an amazing person. You can’t miss him with his blue baseball cap with an SJ logo on it.


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