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NBC Bay Area News Item on Coyote Creek

South Bay Creeks and Pollution Problem Featured on NBC Bay Area News

By Deb Kramer

On Monday, February 8, NBC Bay Area reporter Terry McSweeney talks about the Santa Clara Valley Water District’s efforts to stem the pollution from homeless camps. The article, titled “Pollution Problem: Water District Pulls in San Jose, County to Help Clear Homeless Camps From Creeks” comments on how “garbage and human waste from homeless camps pouring into rivers and creeks are creating a pollution problem in the South Bay. (Published Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2016)” The video highlights the action that the agencies are taking to rectify the poor situation for humans and water quality.

Homeless trash along Coyote Creek. Photo by Deb Kramer.

Chad Grande of the Santa Clara Valley Water District shared how the past three years have been difficult to manage the homeless population along our local rivers, and that “we’re simply cleaning up after them.”

For more information on the related meetings: January 26, 2016 SCVWD regular board meeting video, Item 2.6 Update on Efforts to Reduce Encampments Along Local Waterways, video starts at 1:05:41.



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