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Meet Sarat Lue

Riparian Avenger Sarat Lue

By Deb Kramer

What are Riparian Avengers? Well, they are interns who support and lead our creek cleanups and develop and implement ways to engage more people to care for our creeks.

Mission Continues Fellow Sarat Lue

Sarat Lue is currently studying electrical engineering. Also, he is an Air Force veteran and Fellow with the Mission Continues program at SJSU. As a Mission Continues fellow, Lue is an intern under the SJSU Center for Community Learning and Leadership (CCLL) with the focus of restoring and engaging the community so people can be more involved with stewardship of Coyote Creek and other South Bay creeks.

After living in the San Francisco Bay Area for a year, he realized that a lot of people migrated here for the blooming tech industry; however, Silicon Valley is more than just a tech business. “I feel that some people are too focused with work and have forgotten to take care of the community that they live in,” says Lue.

By utilizing his training with the Air Force and interest in community service, Lue will work closely with us to lead more creek cleanups, work with schools along Coyote Creek to use the creek for field trips, and spread the word about the opportunities to become involved with keeping Coyote Creek beautiful.

Be sure to welcome Lue when you meet him!


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