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How This Sunset Walk at Kelley Park Changed Our View of Climate Change

In June this year, several organizations came together to offer the Kelley Park Sunset Walk to highlight World Environment Day (celebrated on June 5) and Climate Change.

We featured how wildlife and we can adapt to a changing climate. Turtles, for example, have learned to use their hard shell to manage their water needs. We can reduce our energy consumption by using less energy, such as with LED lights. Additionally, water-wise plants conserve water, but also can add beneficial insects to a garden while providing respite from the "urban heat effect".

Another very important element of mitigating for climate change is keeping our open spaces just that: open. The Open Space Authority shared a video about the importance of Coyote Valley, not only as a wildlife crossing zone, but also for its ability to act as a sponge during wet weather to recharge our aquifers. Along with the video, popcorn and a descriptive map of the area were also included!

We host these events monthly during the summer, so be sure to join in.

These events are a collaboration between Keep Coyote Creek Beautiful, Open Space Authority of Santa Clara County, City of San Jose Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Services, and Happy Hollow Park and Zoo.


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