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Find a Tree Near You and Hug It to Heal

We’re in a challenging time, where a global pandemic is raging, fires are filling the skies of California with smoke, children are learning via online schooling. If there is ever a time you're feeling down, most likely, it is right now. We have the best solution for you, and five minutes is all it will take. Hug a tree! Hugging a tree connects you with nature and can help you emotionally.

Hugging a tree has been proven to increase the levels of the hormone oxytocin. This hormone is mainly responsible for emotional bonding and feeling calm. Whenever you hug a tree, your serotonin and dopamine hormones make you feel happier.

One may ask, how do you properly hug a tree? First find the perfect tree for you, then hold on nice and tight, you won’t wanna let go. Close your eyes and lean your cheek against the tree. Feel the peace and feel your worries go away. If you are with a friend, have them take a photo of you hugging the tree and of them hugging the tree.

Even though we are all going through tough times this year for a variety of reasons, nature will help us heal. So find a tree near you and "Hug to Heal".

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