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Eerie Green Algae Hosts Marvels

Eerie Green Algae Hosts Marvels: Floating Trash

By Tom Selbach

Despite unprecedented drought, nearly 50 volunteers came out to Coyote Creek to find some pools of water in the creek bed. Some of it was brackish, other pools were downright eerie.

A tire and rusting rim at the water’s edge, stubbornly held in place by tree roots. Photo by Tom Selbach.

Plenty of trash was floating in the stagnant water here. The eerie green algae seen below had on it floating many items of trash, which wound up in the pile.

Eerie Green Algae with Floating Trash Photo by Tom Selbach

Trash from Eerie Green Algae Pool Photo by Tom Selbach

Other photos show the efforts to remove many items of furniture, including a rarity–a sofa and its matching ottoman. 

Matching ottoman and couch. Photo by Tom Selbach.

All were dragged up trails through poison oak and removed, and they wound up thoroughly crushed in the city garbage truck.


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