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Coyote Valley Preservation Plan

By Deb Kramer

Many times, developers have attempted to add buildings, warehouses, and homes to the northern reach of Coyote Valley, a critical wildlife area and seasonal wetlands. Finally, two open space organizations have banded together to save it.

The Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority and the Peninsula Open Space Trust shared a long-range blueprint to link 1.1 million acres of open space in the Diablo Range and the Santa Cruz Mountains. This is great news for the environment, animals, and communities around this area.

Below are articles that may be of interest.

2. Open Space Authority of Santa Clara Valley: Coyote Valley Landscape Linkage

3. Peninsula Open Space Trust: Coyote Valley: A New Frontier for POST

5. Open Space Authority of Santa Clara Valley: Press Release for Coyote Valley Linkage Report



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