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Celebrating One Year as a Non-Profit

By Joel Dibble

There’s no doubt about it! Beer and environmental stewardship go together like peas and carrots. Families with children, grandparents and people of all ages enjoyed the beautiful evening and celebratory mood at Hermitage Brewery in San Jose marking our one-year anniversary as a non-profit.

In addition to the taco trucks and wide variety of beers from one of San Jose’s top craft breweries, attendees took in the nature photography and art featured at Keep Coyote Creek Beautiful’s display. Supporters of the non-profit and beer enthusiasts alike mingled with KCCB staff and shared their experiences with the creek. Some had enjoyed a nature walk, lended a hand during a clean-up event or simply grew up in San Jose with Coyote Creek in the background.

Several people who were new to the area were surprised to learn that a series of photos of a bobcat were taken along the creek, right in the heart of San Jose’s urban sprawl. Others commented on the juxtaposition of the artwork created from trash harvested during recent clean-ups.

In the end, whether old friends of Keep Coyote Creek Beautiful or newly introduced, event attendees left with a reminder of the magnificent natural resource running right through our neighborhoods and how important it is for us to care for it. Can’t wait for National River Cleanup Day!


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