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The California Lilac

Photo By: Kousvet

Many species of the California Lilacs, in the ceanothus genus, are native to California. These types of shrubs are known to have tough leaves and produce a cluster of fragrant white to blue flowers. Their petal colors are beautiful and eye catching. These lilacs will blossom from late Spring to early Summer.

Did you know that California Lilacs are the most fragrant and colorful shrubs in California? California Lilacs are extremely drought tolerant and evergreen. The color of their leaves are a dark glossy green and the ovate leaves on the lilac can be small- to medium- sized with serrated edges. This shrub has a lifespan of 20-25 years in most gardens, and they will still look good even after years have gone by.

Ceanothus are also known to be loved by many deer. If the lilacs are not watered nor fertilized, then the deer will not like them. In another case if you want deer to stay away from the shrub you have to simply not water it to keep them away.

For more information about plants, visit the California Native Plant Society website at

Photo By: Marc Rumminger


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