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Another Fun Bike Outing at Coyote Valley

What better way to spend a Saturday morning in November than with a wonderful group of people on a bike ride in Coyote Valley.

This tour had about 80 riders, starting at the Coyote Valley Preserve and riding along Coyote Creek Trail to the Coyote Creek Visitor Center at Anderson Lake. We saw turkeys, coots, mallards, and clear water in the creek. The cottonwood trees were drying out, and the poison oak was a beautiful shade of red. We even heard about the Bobcat Study that helped inform the Coyote Valley Linkage Report.

Video above is about a bobcat study conducted by Pathways for Wildlife. For more on this study, see the OSA blog with reports.

Many people said that they were so happy to be out riding the trail and planned to do so again. What a treat.


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