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Backpacking Trip to Henry Coe

By Deb Kramer

Over the weekend of April 7th, a hardy group of seven backpackers entered the wilderness of Henry Coe State Park, one of the largest state parks in the region. We went there to enjoy a group outing to the headwaters of Coyote Creek. Boy, was it an adventure.

Foggy Hike Photo by Deb Kramer

The weather was cool, wet, and a bit spooky with the fog heading in. One group didn’t feel safe crossing the creek to the original campsite (China Hole) and advanced to another location (Poverty Flat). However, the second group that came in later did cross the creek!

Campsite near Coyote Creek Photo by Deb Kramer

We heard lots of frogs and turkeys overnight along with the rushing sound of the creek. In the morning, the turkeys were out, strutting their stuff, literally! One tom and three females hung out at the Poverty Flat camp. We went for a short hike, couldn’t safely cross the creek, and it rained really hard, so we turned back. While drying out in our tents, a sudden hailstorm appeared, followed by an hour of warm sunshine.

During the whole time there, we were greeted with beautiful flowers, scenic views, and the cool, clear Coyote Creek. What a magical place, and right next to a major metropolis.  

Special thanks to Paige Combs for organizing the whole trip. You are awesome.

I hope you get the opportunity to visit Henry Coe Park this spring before the wildflowers are gone.



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