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Another Coastal Cleanup Day Success

By Deb Kramer

Coastal Cleanup Day was held on September 17th this year. We had fabulous weather (not too hot, not too cool) and a great team of volunteers who came out to cleanup Coyote Creek along with nearly 2000 volunteers removing 27 tons of trash from all our Santa Clara County waterways.

A large group of students for Independence High School came out along with fellow high schoolers from Yerba Buena, Piedmont Hills, Valley Christian, Milpitas and Silver Creek. In total, over 120 volunteers collected 3 tons of trash, which looks like 3 Mini Coopers. We also collected 980 pounds of metal that was recycled.

Other participants included volunteers from the Sierra Club, UVAN, SJSU, Boy Scouts, Atheist Community of San Jose, and the California Conservation Corps.

Thanks to everyone how attended for your hard work to make our creeks healthier for all…

plants, wildlife, and people.

You can see all our photos on our Facebook Page.


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