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A Visit to Los Gatos Creek

By Sarat Lue

If someone asks you about Los Gatos Creek, how would you describe it? Would you describe it as a beautiful trail for cyclists, runners, and walkers, like the two pictures below?

I would have done the same awhile back. Personally, I enjoy running on the trail; it is a wonderful place for a nice run. If I had not been involve with the South Bay Clean Creeks Coalition and Keep Coyote Creek Beautiful, I would not notice or care to know what is down below the Los Gatos Creek Trail. I figure the area is probably off limits and think that the city is taking care of it. I could not have been more wrong. 

On August, 13, I had the opportunity to go down to the creek side with Steve Holmes and Deb Kramer. If you think that the trail is beautiful, you do not know what you are missing out on. The creek side is beautiful with various type of fish swimming in the creek. Aside from fish, I was not expecting to see other wildlife here. Take a look at the two pictures below, what do you think has the capability to do this?

If you guess a beaver, you are correct! I certainly had no idea that a beaver would be living along the creek. It was definitely an eye opening experience. Unfortunately, the natural beauty and wild life are not the only things that reside along the creek. As you can see from the picture below, the creek is a victim of illegal dumping.

Despite its beauty, the creek needs our help. Let’s make a difference by cleaning up and maintaining the creek. Maybe when you are out there, you will get the chance to meet the beaver and capture the beautiful view of this creek with your own eyes.

Learn more about Los Gatos Creek and Keep Coyote Creek Beautiful, and come out to help take care of the creek.


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