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Steward of the Natural World

Thinking about my interactions with the environment, the word that keeps coming to mind is stewardship.

My name is Brooke and I am a frequent volunteer at Keep Coyote Creek Beautiful events. If you’ve attended a KCCB creek cleanup, we have probably met, or at the least you have seen me at the end of the clean up as the short young woman covered in mud after spending every ounce of my energy removing dirty debris from our watersheds. I say “yes” to any chance I get to help restore Mother Earth. Having been a long time regular participant at both clean ups and BioBlitz events, I realized it was finally time to write down and share my experiences.

To begin with, I have always had a strong love for nature. I was fortunate to grow up with a father who shared his love for the outdoors and a family who supported my endless curiosities and questions about the natural world. In high school, I discovered that I wanted to spend my life and hopefully career protecting the planet’s natural resources. At this time, I am currently pursuing a dual degree in environmental science and anthropology.

While school is part of the necessary foundation, it is the experiences that fuel my passion and inspire me to keep learning from and teaching others. I volunteer my time towards my true passions: caring for the natural world, learning everything about nature and our human interactions, and lastly sharing the curiosities of nature with others.

Finding water-loving friends

At the end of the day, I think about the impact of cleaning these natural places. One place may seem minuscule, but it has a huge restorative impact on the watershed, the creatures that call this place home, and the plants that help the ecosystem thrive. Our efforts teach future generations that every action has an impact. I inspire you to make an impact in your own life. Let change be your challenge and realize each effort is a step of progress.

Editorial note: Sadly, Brooke died in 2022 in an accident along the Humboldt coast, outside, doing what she loved most, helping nature with a team of fellow nature enthusiasts.


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