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Coyote Meadows BioBlitz 2017

By Merav Vonshak

Coyote Meadows BioBlitz for Fall: A Wonderful Experience (November 5, 2017)

On a crisp November morning, about 50 people, including families with young children, came together to identify plants, bugs, birds, and other living things in the Coyote Meadows area situated south of Highway 280 and Story Road near Kelley Park in San Jose.

Using the iNaturalist tool, where only four observations had been made, this group event contributed over 350 observations in this 50-acre area. You can view the observations in the Project Area on iNaturalist.

Some of the most observed species were Coyote Brush, Coast Live Oak, Stinkwort, Valley Oak, and Boxelder maple, Others identified Stellar’s Jay, Rock pigeon, Canadian Geese, squirrels, Gem-shaped Org-Weaver, lemon lichen, Western Yellowjacket.

Based on observations by plant specialist Jeffrey Caldwell, the group identified native plants including: Mexican elderberry, poison oak (which most people are aware of), California Mugwort, Manroot, Coast and Live oak trees, Fremont cottonwood, and arroyo willow.

Of course, many invasive and non-native species were observed, especially the Tree of Heaven, yellow star thistle, English ivy, and even a Mexican fan palm tree.

This ended up being a fun and exciting event, especially with the growing interest in the Coyote Meadows Project area, where you can learn more at Plan on a future BioBlitz in this area in 2018.

To see the results of this BioBlitz, you can view it on iNaturalist.


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